Veritence Mission + Approach

The mission of Veritence Corporation is

to provide consulting advice and related

services to the government, business

community, and the general public in its

areas of expertise. These areas include

climate science, space programs and

space policy, geophysics, and

management advice in complex

scientific and engineering projects.

To achieve the Veritence mission I will:
1. Become a vocal and visible public

advocate for truth and integrity at

all levels of government involving the

mission areas.

2. Provide requisite consulting services to

Veritence Corporation clients.

3. Make recommendations to the

government and the public for

establishment of important science and

engineering goals.


John L. Casey
Veritence Corporation

 A Repeat of Natural Catastrophes May Be President Trump's Biggest Challenge.

Such is the title of the Commentary on three pages at this site. This opinion deals with the evidence from past President's experiences when natural catastrophes struck and what President Trump may see on his watch.

The Commentary references the conclusions of a team of international scientists in the recently published book, "Upheaval! - Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States"

John L. Casey

January 5, 2017

                 Important News!

The just released book "Upheaval" is now available through Veritence Publishing, Inc at

Go there now to read about the threat to at least 143 million Americans at risk from catastrophic earthquakes!

This book has been years in the making and over one year in the writing and editing phase. It outlines why the United States will soon be struck by catastrophic earthquakes because of a repeating cycle of nature. See more at this site's Publications page. 

Links to and Trafford Publishing are also found at the Veritence Publishing web site.

Please check out the "News Item" page where I respond to the libelous bio done on me by Wikipedia, the first they have posted about me.           

Important Update: Two days after the prestigious Principia Scientific International (PSI)  posts story of  libel against John Casey, Wikipedia abruptly changes Biography . See News Item page.